Briarmoor Manor Pool Rules & Code of Conduct

Pool Rules

  • No profanity, running, boisterous or rough play.  No chicken fighting, wrestling, dunking, etc.
  • Persons with a communicable disease may not use the pool.
  • No glass allowed anywhere in the pool area.
  • When lap swimmers are present, leave the lap lane clear.
  • One person on the diving board at a time. NO DOUBLE BOUNCING OR RUNNING ON BOARD. A weight limit of 250 pounds is strictly enforced.
  • You must be 18 years or above to be in the pool during Adult Swim.
  • Children under 10 shall be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.  10-year-olds and above may be left at the pool without adult supervision.
  • Only children 5 years old and under are allowed in the wading pool. Swim diapers and plastic pants are required (in both pools) at all times for children not fully toilet trained.
  • No making forts or any play structures with the pool chairs or tables.
  • Infants in the pool during Adult Swim must be unable to swim on their own accord and in the arms of an adult. No children or infants should be free swimming either with or without the use of flotation devices during Adult Swim.
  • Stairs into pool and pool ladders must be kept clear at all times. Do not block access to the pool for others.
  • Only authorized persons are allowed in lifeguard stands.  No loitering around lifeguards.
  • There will be no member access to the pool’s Kitchen; no member use of the sink or refrigerator.
  • Lifeguards are in charge at the pool and they are trained to recognize potential hazards and dangerous behaviors.  Their #1 job is to ensure the safety of all.  They are to be obeyed and respected by all members.  Children need to listen and follow directions as instructed.
  • Persons in violation of these rules will be disciplined by the lifeguards on duty. All persons are subject to their authority.  Any concerns regarding the pool staff or facilities can be brought to any member of the Briarmoor Manor Pool Board.

Briarmoor Manor Recreation Club Code of Conduct

  1. Briarmoor Manor Recreation Club (BMRC) is a neighborhood swim and social club that fosters a culture that values, appreciates, and respects all its Members, their families, guests, and all staff, and its Members shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with these values.
  2. Members are responsible for ensuring that their own behavior and that of their family members and guests complies with this code of conduct and all other applicable BMRC bylaws, policies, rules, regulations, dress codes, parking restrictions, and other instructions.
  3. BMRC has pledged to perpetuate its long history of valuing diversity, and its Members shall treat others with courtesy, dignity and respect regardless of race, color, national origin, creed, age, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or any other condition protected by law.
  4. Members shall not harass or threaten, verbally, physically or otherwise abuse or retaliate against any Member, family member, guest or staff member.
  5. Members shall treat BMRC employees in a respectful manner, shall not reprimand, direct, or verbally, physically or otherwise abuse any BMRC employee. Any complaints or suggestions about employees are to be made in writing addressed to the appropriate member of Management or Board of Directors.
  6. Members shall not engage in any act likely to endanger the welfare, safety, harmony or good reputation of the Club, its Members, employees or guests. In particular, and not by way of limitation, the following conduct is prohibited:
    1. Deliberate or careless damage or destruction of any BMRC property, or the property of any Club Member or employee;
    2. Removing or borrowing BMRC property or assets without prior authorization;
    3. Unauthorized use of BMRC equipment, time, materials, or facilities;
    4. Provoking a fight or fighting at any time on the property;
    5. Carrying firearms or any other dangerous weapons on the property at any time;
    6. Commission of a crime or engaging in criminal conduct of any sort;
    7. Causing, creating, or participating in a disruption of any kind on the property;
    8. Use of abusive or threatening language toward a Member, guest or employee of BMRC;
    9. Violating any safety, health, security or BMRC policy, rule or procedure;
    10. Committing or involvement in any act of unlawful harassment of another individual;
    11. Controlled substances, as defined by Georgia and Federal laws, are not permitted on the Club property.
  7. Members shall cooperate in a courteous and respectful manner with Members of BMRC Management and the Board of Directors regarding any review, investigation or other issues of compliance with this code of conduct or any other BMRC bylaws, rules regulations, procedures, restrictions or instructions.

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